Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rainbow Bubbles

I have trolled around deviantART before but today I got sucked in for what felt like the longest acid trip of my life. I've never been on an acid trip but this search sure made it feel real.

Beautiful colors, silhouettes, amazing artistry. Basically a big orgy of jealousness on my part. I have turned my bookmark page into a whorehouse of pending wallpapers for the laptop.

Here is the one I've had going for past 15 hours. I'm trying really hard not to change it already. So many to choose from.

Link to the artist

Update: I wrote this post on half a brain while The Beast was hovering. A few things I forgot to say: The search was for wallpapers done with Vector. I only have a slight idea what it is, but it kicks out some awesome stuff. Damn it, I have already forgotten the rest of what I wanted to say. Kids, don't do drugs, drugs 'ah baaadd. Only my brother Wade will get that.

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