Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Forte

I don't like V8.

You know those commercials for V8 in which someone gets smacked in the head for not eating their veggies? I could be the smackee pretty regularly. I just don't get enough fruits and veggies. I do my own grocery shopping so it's not like I am being denied them by someone else, I deny them all on my own.

So, the past few days I have been trying to find ways to get more in my diet. It really isn't that hard, it's just finding a way to do it that doesn't feel like I'm forcing them on myself. Yeah, like I'm a 2 year old and my mom is using that Jessica Seinfeld book.

Anyway, I decided to make chicken salad. Not typically the first thing you think of when someone mentions fruits and vegetables, but it's got a couple things in there, depending on your recipe. I put celery and grapes in mine. Better than nothing, right?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Center Stage

Embarassing Confession of the Month:

I'm watching one of my favorite movies, Center Stage. It is one of the cheesiest, poorly acted, over the top, teen chick flicks ever made, but if I'm ever flipping channels, and it's on, I will watch it. L A M E

But I had lunch at P.F. Changs today. The fam was in town and Mom is addicted to anything Asian/Oriental, so when I balked at choosing, she was all for it. Only my third time there, and Dad had never been, and we all loved it.

I've been craving chili but kept making other meals for my 'week o' leftover' selection. While grocery shopping today, I finally picked up the ingredients. The people I work for put corn in theirs, so I decided to try that. Love it.

Ok, the finale is on....workshop and Cooper's dance and all. Motorcycle's and red tutus. Gotta go!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get Away

I woke up Saturday morning and had my third panic attack in as many months. After trying to calm down, I knew the only way I could work through the issue was to get out of my four walls. So, I hopped in the car and drove to the beach. Thankfully, it's only a two hour drive. I've always been a water person, a bit happier when there is a body of it around.

An hour of walking along the cold and windy coast began a weekend that I needed more than I could have imagined. Stepping away from my life for a few hours and taking a chance to breath in the salty air, pick up smooth stones and feel the water splash over my toes. My only wish is that I had thought of it earlier, so I could have spent a little bit more time watching the waves cleanse my mind.

I was exhausted from the stress and emotions, and as the sun was setting, I knew I needed to just stay in town and spend the night. I drove in to Jacksonville and got a hotel room. An extravagance that is out of the norm, but a spontaneous 24 hour therapy session I couldn't have predicted would work so well.

I checked in, set down my things. Took an hour to chill and then went to grab dinner. Jacksonville isn't a special town, below average one could argue. But, even in the most boring towns, there is food you can't get anywhere else. Food that sticks to your taste buds and refuses to allow any imposters. I couldn't have been more excited to drive up to the window at Japan Express and ordered the Hibachi Chicken. Just typing the words made my mouth water. One food craving down, two to go.

I didn't get the shrimp sauce in the picture, and actually, I'm denying all of you the best part by doing so, but I hope you begin to get a sense of the deliciousness.

I watched Bernard and Doris and enjoyed the six pillows they lavished on the king size bed. I couldn't believe there was such a nice hotel room in Jacksonville. The town is full of cheap motels for the Marines to escape to on the weekends. Hence, they are a little 'used'. But the Fairfield is pretty new and probably a little out of the Marines' price range, so I lucked out. Even after the taxing day, I could not go to sleep. Not until 3 am. Yeah.

I got up and took advantage of the hotel breakfast in the lobby. Watched some lame show on VH1 and hung out until it was time for craving fulfillment number two. I met Julee at Duck's, an old standby and immediately ordered the chicken quesadilla. Can I just tell you it was better than I remembered. And that's not just from the two years since the last taste test. They really have improved it. Man, oh man. Yummmmy. Julee would have mocked me incessantly so I spared you all from a picture. But, I have some leftovers, so maybe another day ;).

As for craving number three. I couldn't do it. I was stuffed and tired. I needed to get home, couldn't go waiting around The Armpit for another meal. Tony's and the calzone will have to wait for another time. And don't I know it will be worth it.

24 hour therapy session was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It certainly doesn't erase the stress that caused the panic attack, but it gave me a breather to build up some strength for the next run of it all.