Thursday, July 26, 2007

Open Room

Clean thoughts, surrounded by the film of neglect.
Bent and turned, in order to find appropriate settlement.
Eyes hiding behind curtains, moving in sync with memories.
A wait for transport home brings questions of locked wheels.
It seems patience answers slowly, without regard for promises.

How Love Bends

so you say.
lines across fail
i was supposed to forget

ten exits seem too many
underneath, trees filter
my sky tells it's story

where the reach seems unfair,
it is for us to decide
how love bends

Greatest Of All Time

Years collect within our distance.
I am lifted by knowledge of our bond.
There was never any way of knowing
I would find the balance in between.

Moments floating in cells of brilliant chaos.
Though the tower rises above the foundation,
It is within the walls that we know what is true.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mad Girl's Love Song

About a month or so ago, I sat in this spot for a few minutes. Things changed, I was part of it, but it felt like an out of body experience. I heard the words but none of them really formed into meaning until a few days later.

Once I processed what had happened, it stopped. A pause in the momentum that I had worked on for so long. But, surprisingly, I was at peace with the situation. There was really nothing I could do about it, except move on and live my life. How could I have known that sitting there, in one of my favorite places, was The End and The Beginning.

Just press play, and find what you have been looking for. I am yours.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I Spy

I Spy
Originally uploaded by HazelFiver
With my little eye, a return to the camera. I'm not sure why I had let it sit there for so long. I am growing weary of film, wishing I had a digital camera. But then, I would be taking more pictures than I would know what to do with. I have been trying to find something to do with all of the prints I have sitting around.

I really feel that once I get a new camera, my picture quality will improve. This stupid little one I have now will not allow me to get in too close and it is so light I end up getting a lot of fuzzy pictures from my inability to keep the thing steady.

One of these days I will take a class. One of these days I will take a picture of something other than a flower or plant. One of these days I will make an effort to do something more than just post them online. But for now, I am enjoying see the world through the lens again.