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Book Paradise 028/365

I got a hair cut the other day and have been meaning to take a self portrait. So, we will just get that out of the way...I have more important things to talk about. This was my 365 photo for today.

Moving on. The thought behind that self portrait was a trip I took this morning. My roommate dangerously informed me of a book store downtown that is closing down after 75 years. The Book Exchange has always tempted me, but I had never gone in until today. I suppose the mathematics of that thought have multiplied in the population and caused the demise of the store.

After searching and perusing today, I find myself unsure as to whether or not I would have visited regularly. I almost hate to tell you this, but the place is a bit of a mess. A cute mess, but still. There is organization there; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, sci-fi, etc. But they seem to have just been thrown on to the shelves. So, I dug around for an hour looking to take the greatest advantage to their last ditch "bag of books for $10" deal.

TWO bags of books later, I got a crazy mix of old and new. This first book drew me in immediately with its dusty old pages that someone bound together in 1906. I haven't had a chance to really delve in to what this gentleman was recording, but I find his efforts beautiful.

After I filled the first bag and started on the second I slowly started running out of sections that were providing good product. I wasn't going to pay the $10 for a bag that was half full, so I started picking up books I otherwise might have left behind. A German book, bought mostly for the cover and the interesting font in a language I promise you I will never understand. A Spanish/English dictionary that I only bought because of that design addiction I mentioned a few days ago. Stacks of non-fiction books that I had to have because of the photography, the design, the artwork, the pure loveliness. And finally, books by authors I haven't read yet, never heard of or just plain caught my eye.

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Buddy 026/365

This is my buddy, Cooper. He is a little bundle of energy that could give the Sun a run for it's money. His mama is a dear friend of mine and I just have to give her a little shout out; I sure do love your sweet boy and think you are pretty damn cool yourself.

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Weekend Project 025/365

I spent the weekend working on this after seeing Natalie's new pink bedroom. I was so wrapped up in a painting frame of mind, I really wasn't thinking about taking any photos. So, when I finished the project, I figured I would just capture this as my daily photo.

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Where do I begin? This inspiration board is hanging just beside my bedroom door. I add things from time to time, when I need to be reminded of a person, place or event that is significant in my life. Or, just because it makes me happy. Starting from top right hand corner. (This is going to be a VERY long post.)

"A book is a present you can open again and again." This girl, riding on the magic carpet of words not only speaks to my overwhelming love of reading, but a small obsession with Mary Engelbreit. Her lively and colorful way of capturing the joy of life is so inspiring and heartwarming.

"Greetings From California" My homeland. California Poppies, an orange even I can love. The design and lettering, retro and fun. The beauty in each letter, showing nature and sights of a state I have not seen for a long time. But, I can't wait to capture just a small portion of her majesty, next month.

Red Hair - I've dug around and can't find the name and artist, for this piece. And I apologize for her state of undress, but the entirety of this painting (found on several years ago) brings me great joy. I adore her red hair, not every one can pull it off, and those who are born with it have such a natural beauty. I also love how she is lounging in a meadow, soaking in the spirit of nature around her.

Pepsi and Happy Bunny - I've always been a Pepsi person. Coke products are not for me, though by addiction to Dr. Pepper deserves its own post. When Mom and I went to New Bern, over the summer, we went to The Birthplace of Pepsi. I wanted a little souvenir, my t-shirt collection is out of control, so I was looking for something a bit more compact. I was immediately drawn to this postcard because of it's design and color. I have been craving design so much lately, I adore a vintage style and this was perfection.

As for the bunny. Well, this speaks to my obnoxious and naughty side. When I lived in Jacksonville, The Three Musketeers had a great love for anything Happy Bunny. We didn't really collect any products, but always got a kick out of what Happy Bunny was getting in to. This bunny was bought out of a vending machine and his full statement is "I like to watch people trip." Heh. He just reminds me of my fun and goofy friends.

Belles of Ireland and More Bunnies! - I inherited a flower gene, from my Mother. If you have ever seen my flickr account during springtime, you can witness how drawn I am to the color and shape of the botanical aspect of nature. I often have to remind myself to take a step back and see the bigger picture, with the camera at least. This seed packet is from an attempt to grow some flowers to peek through the fence in my yard. The mechanical part of bringing flowers in to the world has sometimes alluded me. This was no exception, I planted the seeds too late, and nothing ever sprouted. So, I kept the seed packet to remind me to try again.

Those are my Father's hands. He is holding two bunnies that we raised in the back yard of our Mira Loma, California home. Do I dare tell you the fate of my sweet furry friends? Well, they weren't the only animals on our ark. We had a pig, chickens, ducks and I want to say there was either a sheep or a goat. Along with the vegetable garden my Mom had filling our yard, we used all of this to add to our meals. The pig became pork chops, the chicken became...chicken. And the rabbits. Oh, I almost can't even type the words. They became Rabbit Pot Pie. I don't remember the actual consumption portion of the treachery, but I specifically remember the day my Mom told me about it. Apparently while we were eatingthe pot pie, we asked what we were having and she told us it was Chicken. Years later, we were talking about The Ark and the Garden and stories turned to the bunnies. The tears of laughter were plentiful when my family saw the look on my face when Mom told us the truth. I guess it could be thought of as morbid that I have a picture of these poor souls, but the picture reminds me of that great time living in my favorite home.

Hello, Calvin. You know him, you love him. I hope I don't have to tell you about him. I don't think I could pick one certain Calvin cartoon is my favorite, but this one is definitely in my Top Five. He tries, so hard all day. Sometimes making good choices, sometimes making bad choices. And at the end of the day, when he climbs in to bed with Hobbes he says, "You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don't help." and the best friend anyone has ever had in the world says, "Well, you've done all you can do."

Hanging on to the push pin just above Calvin, is a Ginkgo leaf. Again, it would be hard for me to pin down my absolute favorite tree, but the Ginkgo is in my Top Three. I brought this one home from my 31st birthday trip to Washington, D.C. Do I dare tell you that if I ever got a tattoo, it would be of a ginkgo leaf? I get bored so easily, I don't think I could ever be permanently stuck with something on my skin. Mom you can start breathing again.

I'm a fool for butterflies. Geez, could I sound any more girly? This cut out from a magazine reminds me of a trip from Northern California to visit family in Fresno. We were driving out of the mountains and every once in a while, a Monarch butterfly would glide past us. Then three would flutter, then twenty. I didn't learn anything about it until several years later, but we were driving right through their migration. It sounds like hyperbole, but it was one of the best things I have ever witnessed.

Cookies and oh my, more bunnies. Meditation and cookies, my friend Allison knows me well. This bunny was hiding in the bushes of a yard I walked by one day during a garden tour with Mom. I love it when something isn't obvious and in your face. It is so much more entertaining to stumble upon something and allow it to surprise you.

Goat. Baby. Oak. My best friends name is T Goat. I usually just call her Goat. Oddly enough, I share the same name. It is an unexplainable moniker. It just happened. One night, we were playing pool and one of us called the other one "Goat" and has just gone from there. I get such a kick out of having this inside "joke", but not a joke, with my very best G.

That little bug snug in a bear rug? That's little Carter, new as can be. It's the photo his Mama and Pop sent in his birth announcement, almost nine months ago. One of these days I'm going to get a good picture of the depiction of his nickname, Cardamom.

Oak. Also in my Top Three Trees. History, grandeur, beauty, GREEN. I'm not sure I could really put in to words my love for this tree. Just be thankful that I don't have a leaf from the Walnut Tree.

Walk On By. This photo not only speaks to all that is Goat, but my love of seeing the world through the viewfinder of the camera. One of my favorite rules of photography is composition. A photo with the subject at the center of the frame doesn't provide an insight to environment or add any interest. If you offset the frame and place the subject in the first or last third of the frame, you add a dimension to the photo that gives a more interesting perspective. So ends your lesson for the day.

Kool Aid Man. So, I introduced my brother Wade to the insanity that is Dane Cook. Cook has a bit about the Kool Aid Man, and having grown up on regular doses of the fruity nectar we found his "Oh YEAH!", quite hilarious. You had to be there. Wade sent this in a birthday card, a few months before he left on his mission. Having it on the board, gives me a chuckle when I miss him.

And, last but not least. One other bit of Mary Engelbreit. This is from a calender I had several years ago. Simply put, "The heart is the temple where in all truth resides."

In this post, I told you almost everything you will ever need to know about me, whether you realize it, or not. If you made it this far, you are a brave and probably bored soul. ;) Just kiddin'.


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Yes, I know for many of you, this is not a significant amount of snow. But here in North Carolina, this is something to talk about. And, it is STILL snowing. See more here.

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019/365 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I had been waiting all weekend for today's shot. The calendar had given me inspiration already and I was anticipating being able to stand in front of it.

I looked up the directions, bundled up and drove to the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd and Rock Quarry Road, in Raleigh. If I hadn't come to a stop light, I almost would have missed the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial Gardens. To be sure, it is a small space for such a large man. But, it was touching to be able to spend a few moments remembering him on this day.

I wanted more. I wasn't sure what I would find, but I got back in the car and headed in to Downtown Raleigh. Struggling through a maze of police barricaded streets, I finally parked next to the Raleigh Convention Center and started walking, aimlessly. I had no goal, I just wanted to explore. I LOVE exploring, some of my favorite photos come from wandering.

More police directing traffic at every turn. I couldn't begin to figure out what could be going on. Again, I was not following any specific path, just taking the turns as I saw something I wanted to shoot. And then I realized what all of the buses parked on the side of the street were for.

They were marching from the State Capitol Building, down Fayetteville street. I had only come down this street I had already shot months before, because I was drawn to some lights on the side of a building. Inspiration brings great surprises.

I stood and watched. I listened to their happy voices sing. I witnessed their smiling faces. I found myself weeping. I caught eyes with a woman marching and whispered, "This is beautiful." "Yes," she said, "it IS beautiful." She marched on.

I will not pretend to know how these people felt, on this day, remembering the man who helped ignite a fire that is now shining for the whole world. But, I will tell you that I can feel it's warmth. Tomorrow, I hope you can feel it too.

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Not feeling well today and with the weather so frightful, I couldn't make it past the deck. Thankfully the Sycamore tree outside was feeling generous.

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I am feeling very uninspired. But, I am determined to do 365 consecutive days of this project. So if I have to take a picture of a cat, or the hood of my car, or a play doh snail from time to time to get that done, so be it. Three day weekend starting tomorrow, in which I will not be surrounded by nothing but toys. Expect a more mature theme, for the next few days.

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brooke nicole photography

Have you met my Sister-In-Law, Jeni? Some of you may not have had the opportunity, so let me introduce you to her.....

That's Jeni, holding her son (and my nephew) Carter. So here's the thing: Jeni knows things. Things I can't wrap my brain around. She knows how to design and create some cute stuff in photoshop and offered to create something for ME. How could I pass that up? Couldn't.

So, when she offered to create a logo for my photography business, I knew I was going to be very excited. So, when I got this in my inbox:

Well, I was thrilled! Thank you Jeni, for your patience and creativity!

If you click on Jeni and Carter's picture up there, it will take you to my new flickr page, just for portraits I've done. I look forward to many more opportunities to find fun moments with families in photos and would be happy to hear from you, if you would like to capture some memories of YOUR family!


Day two of sick children. This is after naps and I have officially started to lose my mind, thanks to Stir Crazy Disease. Drew asked to play "Da Go Go" (I have no idea what the products real name is), so I figured I should go ahead and kill two birds with one stone. My 365 shot and the self portrait tuesday shot. Woo. Hoo. More exciting news after I eat my dinner.

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Stuck inside with sick little ones. This was as exciting as it got.
Only other option, taking a picture of the TV.

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Oh, how I do love these little guys.