Saturday, February 16, 2008

Center Stage

Embarassing Confession of the Month:

I'm watching one of my favorite movies, Center Stage. It is one of the cheesiest, poorly acted, over the top, teen chick flicks ever made, but if I'm ever flipping channels, and it's on, I will watch it. L A M E

But I had lunch at P.F. Changs today. The fam was in town and Mom is addicted to anything Asian/Oriental, so when I balked at choosing, she was all for it. Only my third time there, and Dad had never been, and we all loved it.

I've been craving chili but kept making other meals for my 'week o' leftover' selection. While grocery shopping today, I finally picked up the ingredients. The people I work for put corn in theirs, so I decided to try that. Love it.

Ok, the finale is on....workshop and Cooper's dance and all. Motorcycle's and red tutus. Gotta go!

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