Monday, October 13, 2008

We Walked...

And walked, aaannnddd walked.

Oh, I went to Boston, last week, with my fam. Mom, Dad and Granny. Great times had by all. "Recalculating route" was the theme to the week. A blessing and a curse, that phone GPS. Apparently, big tall buildings block that pesky satellite from keeping up with us.

Moving on. I had been to Boston during my senior year of high school and loved every second. I was excited to spend more time, being able to see some of the same things and lots of new. Harvard, Concord, Walden Pond, historic sites, and my latest obsession: cemeteries.

I took over 1,500 pictures during our five days there. I managed to weed through those and find 470 some to post on flickr. I'm not even going to attempt to consolidate my favorites. I'm just going to post one and give you the link to my flickr page.

Of all the photos I took, this one may seem strange, to be my favorite. But, I knew when I snapped it, that it would mean the most for some reason. I think, maybe, because I felt such a connection at Walden Pond. I find such comfort in being in a place where others have lived, and found themselves. I suppose it is because I am still waiting for that, myself. But, this plant growing where Thoreau chose to find time and space to himself, has locked itself in my mind.

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