Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Paradise 028/365

I got a hair cut the other day and have been meaning to take a self portrait. So, we will just get that out of the way...I have more important things to talk about. This was my 365 photo for today.

Moving on. The thought behind that self portrait was a trip I took this morning. My roommate dangerously informed me of a book store downtown that is closing down after 75 years. The Book Exchange has always tempted me, but I had never gone in until today. I suppose the mathematics of that thought have multiplied in the population and caused the demise of the store.

After searching and perusing today, I find myself unsure as to whether or not I would have visited regularly. I almost hate to tell you this, but the place is a bit of a mess. A cute mess, but still. There is organization there; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, sci-fi, etc. But they seem to have just been thrown on to the shelves. So, I dug around for an hour looking to take the greatest advantage to their last ditch "bag of books for $10" deal.

TWO bags of books later, I got a crazy mix of old and new. This first book drew me in immediately with its dusty old pages that someone bound together in 1906. I haven't had a chance to really delve in to what this gentleman was recording, but I find his efforts beautiful.

After I filled the first bag and started on the second I slowly started running out of sections that were providing good product. I wasn't going to pay the $10 for a bag that was half full, so I started picking up books I otherwise might have left behind. A German book, bought mostly for the cover and the interesting font in a language I promise you I will never understand. A Spanish/English dictionary that I only bought because of that design addiction I mentioned a few days ago. Stacks of non-fiction books that I had to have because of the photography, the design, the artwork, the pure loveliness. And finally, books by authors I haven't read yet, never heard of or just plain caught my eye.


lori said...

First, I like you hair. I'm thinking it's too short to put up now!

You know how I would have loved to come with you today. Books on a gray drizzly cold day, the only thing missing is the hot chocolate!

Andy C said...

Sucks that stores like that have to close. Looks like you made a killing. I probably would of walked out with 3 bags stuffed.

Agree with Lori, your hair looks great.