Tuesday, January 13, 2009

brooke nicole photography

Have you met my Sister-In-Law, Jeni? Some of you may not have had the opportunity, so let me introduce you to her.....

That's Jeni, holding her son (and my nephew) Carter. So here's the thing: Jeni knows things. Things I can't wrap my brain around. She knows how to design and create some cute stuff in photoshop and offered to create something for ME. How could I pass that up? Couldn't.

So, when she offered to create a logo for my photography business, I knew I was going to be very excited. So, when I got this in my inbox:

Well, I was thrilled! Thank you Jeni, for your patience and creativity!

If you click on Jeni and Carter's picture up there, it will take you to my new flickr page, just for portraits I've done. I look forward to many more opportunities to find fun moments with families in photos and would be happy to hear from you, if you would like to capture some memories of YOUR family!

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