Sunday, February 8, 2009

039/365 Determined

I've been meaning to update my progress with my five goals. First, I would like to say that I don't see them as short term goals, I see myself having to really work on them. Well, most of them anyway.

1. Photography - As you may have seen, this one has not been a problem. I will say that it has not been easy, though. I love to take pictures. I love to find new things to capture. But, finding something new and interesting every single day can sometimes be tough.

2. Moving - This one has been a struggle. I'm not doing as much as I can. I have not been doing my best. This goal is what prompted today's photo.

I am determined to eat better. I tried shopping for some new clothes this week and WOW, that was depressing. It is for a lot of women, already. But to find attractive clothes in plus sizes is like trying to find a cute hairless cat. Ugh.

Hence the fruits and veggies. I really do like eating them but get lazy and find it easier and more exciting to eat a bunch put it bluntly....CRAP. I don't have a weight goal. I learned a long time ago that watching the scale is not the best way to track your health. If I'm eating better, drinking less Dr. Pepper (this has gotten out of control lately) and walking more then I should notice a difference in my energy and the way my clothes fit. Easier said than done but we will get to that with number five.

3. Save - Oh my. Yeah. I might need to plead the fifth on this one. I'm not spending outrageously (i.e. - a lot of stuff I don't need). And I'm also careful about what I do buy. But, I'm still not saving and taking care of my money. Again, number five is getting a lot of attention in the next month.

4. Visit - I'm kind of cheating with this one. I already had my trip planned for a couple of months when I originally made this goal but I'm still counting it towards my "do unto others" theory. I'm flying to California this weekend to visit Cousin A and finally meet her babes!!! I'm also going to visit A and his parents. Should be a fun, interesting, and crazy 5 days. Stay tuned.

5. Stop Settling! - Oh, Brookie. What is it that I said when I made these goals? That I really do take the easy way? I have stepped outside of the box the past month or so. I joined eHarmony, again. That was a huge leap, seeing as though "someone" I met on there a few years ago bittered me towards the experience. But, I have an open mind about it this time. If something happens, great. If not, then I'm ok with that too.

As I said with number two, I'm not doing my best with that goal. And if I'm willing to not at least put in the effort, then I am settling with a body I am not happy with. Furthermore, if I'm not happy with my body, then I am not presenting myself to others the way I really want them to see me. Vicious cycle. Must focus!!!

In regards to saving, it is pretty much what I just said. I'm not doing my best. Settling with a struggle of having to make choices between being able to do the things I want, and having to say no when and if those opportunities present themselves.

Here's to more improvement, and doing my best!

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