Sunday, February 1, 2009

Roy G. Biv 032/365

I get bored easily, sometimes it can be good thing, other times a bad thing. In my current living situation, not so good. I am anxious for a change and there isn't much I can do in this ONE room to mix things up. I have two doors in my room. Why? Because my room is actually the dining room and one of the doors leads right in to the kitchen. It's a weird old house, but you would never guess it is a dining room without prior knowledge.

The layout of the room just does not work for me to be able to perform one of my favorite activities: re-arranging the furniture (Hi Dad!). It has been two years since I moved in and I am starting to get a little claustrophobic with things being the same in here. So today, I rearranged my books. Sounds like a small and insignificant change, but I like it.

So, here is the before:


Arranging the books by color gives the shelves a bit of character and then placing the frames and other items along by color as well personalizes it all, for me. I think the organization also makes it look cleaner and less cluttered, even though I have put more than just books on the shelves.

I had planned on using the "after" shot as my 365, but I decided to go with a shot that was a little more visually interesting.


lori said...

I like it - someday you need to open your own bookstore.

T Goat said...

Your after pic looks like my closet G! You know I have to arange by color and length of sleeve. I like it!