Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poundage, Gobble Gobble

Two days in a row. Phone rings, I wake up not knowing which way is up. "Are you going to work today?" @$#*%@#**$#@@!! WHAT?!?!??! CRAP!!!! Thankfully my boss laughed when I called her and mumbled that I was on my way. The bright side is that it makes the day blessedly shorter.

Next week the whole entire family will be here for Thanksgiving. I am so excited about it I keep forgetting that they won't be here for Christmas as well. We have lists and lists of food requests. What? You want me to share the list? Well, ok...

-Pumpkin Bars
-Apple Pie
-Afghan Lamb Kabobs
-Apple Crisp
-Bundt Bread
-1lb Butter Mashed Potatoes
-Krispy Kreme Donuts
-Golden Corral Yeast Rolls
-Pumpkin Bars

I'm sure there is more but for now those extra 30 pounds we are all going to put on is enough.

Took a break from The Project today. Had a friend ask me to paint him something and I have to get working on that. Even if it is a Hand Turkey. Silly Toby, it's gonna be the nicest Hand Turkey you have ever seen!!!!

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