Monday, December 24, 2007

Cookie Wars 2007

It used to be that on Christmas Eve, our family would gather at the table and decorate cookies for Santa. Each child would pick one cookie and put it on the plate that would sit by the fire place. Usually, it ended up being the grossest, frosting choked cookie. Ahh, those were the days.

Not anymore. Now, it is a competition, serious competition. I have been asked by my family to post pictures of this years art work and as you, the readers to vote on your favorite(s). I cannot divulge the hand behind the art. You must be neutral in your decision. Your vote should be based on 1) artistry, 2) originality and 3) general enjoyment factor.

Go forth, enjoy, and vote for the rocking horse in the corner.

*Editor's Note: The rocking horse did not survive long enough to be photographed. We apologize for this error. There is one note that needs to be observed for judging. The large star on the right is titled "Bolivian Streaker".

ENJOY!!!!! Vote soon, and vote often. This ain't the primaries folks. Lives are at stake.

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