Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Real. Live. Alligators.

So, I went to Florida over the weekend. You may recall, precious millions of readers, that I mentioned a while back that Florida is one a few states I had yet to visit. Well, we can cross her off the list now!!!

I spent 2 days in Tallahasse, the state capital, and a better representation of what Fla (that's what we're calling her here) really is. As opposed to Amusement Parkville and Pretty People Town, further south.

So anyway, it was a quiet weekend. I didn't really accomplish what I had intended, but I did get to see Real. Live. Alligators. It is necessary to punctuate it like that, or you don't give the alligators the respect they deserve, as our warning sign read.

As usual, I had to take pictures of my food. Got laughed at, as usual. (French Dip, by the way.)

We went to Wakulla Springs and ate in the restaurant at the Lodge. Was a gorgeous place. Built in the 1930's and still has the ambiance of the times. The ceiling was painted with scenes from around the property along with some of the animals that lived in the springs and swamp. Afterwards, we took a boat tour of the springs and got to see.......wait for it.....a REAL. LIVE. ALLIGATOR.! Actually, several of them, but you get the point.

Oh, and I got to see my first manatee. Yup, I'm 12 in a 31 year old's body!

So, that was my quick trip to Fla. Hopefully I will make it back one of these days and visit The Keys, Number 3 on my dream trips list.

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