Monday, August 4, 2008

Change Of Plans

So...that "beach" trip we took this weekend? Well, you can see we went to the beach. Just not as much as we planned.

It was actually on our way to the hotel after we left the beach Sunday evening, that we saw a sign for New Bern. I mentioned that it wasn't that far and Mom's ears perked a bit. It is a very historical town, the second oldest town in North Carolina. Tryon Palace is there as well as the Birthplace of Pepsi. (equally important, right?) We talked about going there instead of the beach for day two and decided to go for it.

Well....there were pluses and minuses. Plus number one...HELLO GARDENS. Anyone who knows anything about us recognizes the benefit of gardens on a Mom/Brooke trip. Let's just say we enjoyed that aspect. Minus number one...THE HEAT. Let's just say it was surriously hot and sunny. It made for great picture taking weather but not such great "let's keep walking" weather.

Plus number two...seeing new things. I love seeing and finding places that are new and interesting. It was fun to show Mom around somewhere she had never been. Minus number two...busting your butt when you fall off the sidewalk. I was attempting to get a better shot at something and didn't look behind me. The easement on the other side of the sidewalk dropped a good foot and I fell in a spectacular way. All I have to say is, thank heavens the camera survived. I don't even care that it hurts to put any amount of weight on my right ankle. The. Camera. Survived.

So, I'll let you check out the flickr page for all of the pictures of our adventure. We had a great time and I look forward to our next adventure.

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