Friday, September 12, 2008


I mentioned my need for balance, the other day. It has always been an integral part of how I cope with every aspect of life. Good times and bad, I find great comfort in knowing that all sides are being met, every person is being treated fairly and chaos is kept at a minimum. The scales weighing evenly enough that I don't fall off.

Many people don't believe in astrology, and I don't hold it as a conviction, but I believe there certainly are some interesting points. Take me, a Libra, for example:

Diplomatic / compromising, however possibly manipulative
Fair /
balanced / impartial
Idealistic (in relationships)
Easy-going / sociable
Indecisive / changeable
Peace loving
Gullible / easily influenced
Elegant / graceful
Refined /
artistic / good taste, Pleasure oriented
Sensitive to others
Kind, Cheerful, Romantic
Flirty /
frivolous, however loyal in marriage

Likes FairnessEqualityHarmonyBeautyJustice
Cruelty • Offensive Behavior • Conflict and Discord
Vulgarity and Coarseness •

I've highlighted some of the characteristics that I know are a part of my personality. Sure, a lot of the others are absolutely a part of how I behave, interact and evaluate, but they aren't consistent. I'm not always kind, I don't believe I'm manipulative in relationships and well, I have trouble cooperating sometimes.

Which brings me to that part about being graceful. It's what got me thinking about all of this. I have fallen, literally on the floor, no less than three times in the past month. Balance being thrown off, looking up and seeing the scales of gravity smiling down on me. I fell off a sidewalk, in the middle of a parking lot, and walking in to a restaurant. Twisted my ankle, bruised my knees and yelled out a cuss word for all of those enjoying their dinner to hear.

Though this past year has taught me a lot about myself, it is evident that I still have a long way to go. I have so much to work on and it's obvious that there is something I'm missing. The universe is trying to knock some sense in to me and apparently it feels throwing me off balance is the next step. I need a gravity life vest until I figure it out.

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