Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pardon Me

While I interrupt you. I can't help it. That's not true, you can help every bad habit you have. As an ex said, "you can, you just CHOOSE not to." Fair enough.

I would like to invite you to enjoy a list of my bad habits:

- I leave dishes to soak in the sink for too long (days).
- I have no self control, when it comes to going to bed. I will just keep farting around until I feel like I am about to pass out.
- I get bored entirely too easily. This is also why I am not allowed to have a pet.
- I smoke, even though my lungs seem a bit more sensitive than my enjoyment allows for.
- I think of something while the other person is talking, in conversation, and immediately open my big fat mouth to share my anecdote.
- I am impatient.
- I still sleep with a stuffed animal (that I DID NOT steal from my then 18 month old brother).
- I get a little too worried about those in traffic around me. If someone passes me, I'll get offended that they think I wasn't going fast enough for them. Crazy? I know. Trust me, I KNOW.
- I speed way too often.
- I am horrible at keeping track of money. With my math skills, it's a miracle I can keep a relative balance of my checking account in my head.
- I bite the inside of the corner of my mouth when I don't even realize and usually end up in pain.
- I spend WAY too much time on my computer. Half the time I'm refreshing websites I was just on five minutes before. (laptops are fruits of the devil)
- I don't play one-on-one with the kids as much as I should. They are amazing at independent play and I really should stop depending on that so much.
- I only make my bed once in a blue moon. Train of thought: why would I make something that no one is going to see, and that I'm going to get right back in 15 hours from now?
- I don't really like my roommates cats, so when she goes out of town and asks me to give one of them medicine, I don't really work to hard at actually doing it. Horrible, I know. (yet another reason why I can't have pets)
- I often have a hard time finding the positive side to a situation. If I have any negative issues going on, I tend to dwell a bit too much before allowing myself to be more open minded.
- Many people won't believe this, but I can be a bit shy. It usually takes me half way through an event to be comfortable enough to mingle and socialize with the crowd/guests.
- I don't know when to shut up. I tend to ramble.
- In a strange balance: I don't care what other people think and worry too much about what people think.

Oh, right. I'm shutting up now.

P.S. (last one, I LOVE to cuss. That is a tough one.)

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lori said...

Yikes! Now how'bout a list of you best qualities!