Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lori Jean

Dear Mom,

On this day, all those years ago, a butterfly’s wings fluttered in to the world and set in a motion a life that so many people hold dear. Oh, how lucky we all are.

I look at pictures of you as a young girl and see the sweet person that you have been at every moment I’ve known you. I have never known you to speak an ugly word about another person. Even those at their worst still receive a tender touch in your mind’s eye. You hold the faults of others as a reminder of how to be better, yourself. Never sharing the burden of their defect of character, moments of poor choices or life’s every day fumbles with the world. I appreciate being able to know the people in my life with the beauty you share with me.

Your love for your children is evident in a way I cannot begin to share with everyone. The example you set for your daughter and three sons, showing us how to love, respect and educate those around us. The joy in your voice when you hear the good news of our accomplishments and the forward paths of our lives is a touchstone. And, even in those moments where we falter on that path, stalling or dropping anchor, you are a light on the shore ensuring we know that there is always a rock for us to climb upon.

I am more proud than I can say that I have parents with a continuing loving relationship, filled with respect and support for one another. To hear Dad speak of his love for you is more than my heart can bear. To watch you still hold hands after 33 years of marriage is a gift you give your four children every day.

You have given us many gifts in your 32 years as a parent. The tangible ones, always given with much thought and care. But, I feel safe I can speak for my brothers when I say that the gifts we hold most dear are the priceless talents you have shared with us. Your love of travel; taking us on trips around the country, showing us sites and scenes many people take for granted or have never even seen. Your love of history; sure, we may have scoffed at playing that Constitution game from time to time. But, as children do, we grew to appreciate and share the love you have for our Country and its rich history. Your passion for nature and gardening; it is such a pleasure to arrive at your home and see all of your hard work growing and blossoming because of your efforts. Your yearning for knowledge; always reading, researching, seeking for better understanding and greater information. Your faith; such a peaceful part of life to witness your comfort in knowing that there is a Heavenly Father that knows us and will guide us in our lives.

Personally, I want you to know that no matter where I am in my life I will always love and cherish my friendship with you. Though I may not always take the path you would like for me to take, I want you to know how grateful I am that you still support me and love me. This year has been one that I have burdened your heart more than anyone should have to bear. For that, I want you to know that I am sorry. But, I also want you to know that your support was a lifesaver in a very deep, dark ocean. I would not have made it to the other side without you.

I love you. That’s all I have to say about that.

Always, Brooke Nicole

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lori said...

Wow Brooke, you are a wonderful writer. I admire your ability to put you thoughts into words. If I could have only seen when I was a child a glimpse of the sweet, wonderful children that I would someday have it would surely have given me great encouragement. I love each one of you for the special, differnt and capable people that you are. Thanks for being my daughter and my friend.

Love Always, MOM