Sunday, December 14, 2008

Everything Cookies

I was invited to my first cookie exchange and have been spending all week trying to figure out what I was going to take. My favorite cookie is a chocolate chip by Nestlé Toulehouse. But, you can't show up with a simple, every day (although supremely delicious) cookie.

Finally, I realized that I had a resource right at my fingertips the entire time. I visit The Pioneer Woman several times a day. I would say there isn't a part of her site I don't enjoy, but I just don't get basset hounds. They aren't my forte. But, her cooking section? The pictures make you want to lick your screen in hopes of just a nibble of the mashed potatoes, a whiff of the tenderloin, or a handful of Hyacinth's Everything Cookies.

So, I borrowed the recipe and was Pioneer Woman for the afternoon. Cooking and taking pictures of the process. If you're running late and have never made the recipe before, I don't recommend trying to live up to PW's standards.

I don't usually like dried (or fresh for that matter) apricots but they were tasty as part of the cookie. You could probably use dried pineapple as a substitute, if desired.

Pecans? I like walnuts better. But (my Mom will laugh at this) I have a hard time straying when I'm given directions. I do as I'm told (depending on my mood, haha).

Have you ever seen eggs stamped with their expiration date? I haven't...weird.

4 eggs....4 cups of flour...this is a big recipe! I made the required 3 dozen for the party and still had about 4 cups of dough left over.

When making chocolate chip cookies*, this is the point I start eating the batter, right out of the mixing bow. Yes, I am one of those people. I didn't this time, since I was sharing with strangers.

Ready for the oven. I didn't have to worry about what size to make them, because I could tell I had plenty of dough. Nothing is worse than a tiny little cookie with a bunch of stuff packed in there.

Let's Eat!!!!!!

*ps: When I make the nestle toll house cookies, this is one instance I DO NOT follow the directions. I like a chewy cookie, and two eggs makes them a bit too crunchy for my taste. I just use one.

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lori said...

Looks very yummy-why not freeze a few balls and bring them for Christmas!