Monday, April 7, 2008

Caution: Unknown Activities Enclosed

I'm making a quilt. I know, the last thing many ever expected of me. But, I gave the twiners my baby blankets, and I wanted something to give Mr. Boy. So, with a little extra patience (which has been tough) and a lot of help from Momz, it's going pretty well so far.

This weekend I got 95% of the top put together. Throughout bobbin wars, my fingers jumping inside the chopping angle of the scissors and some serious recuperation naps, it looks pretty good. If I do say so myself. Dad even helped. Dad. Even. Helped.
My fabric choices. It was originally the blue, green and softer black and white (second from top in that stack). But, in order to keep the b&w from repeating all the way down the quilt, I added the yellow. Also, I didn't have enough for the softer b&w and added the psychedelic wavy one.

Um, there is a lot of cutting in quilting. I knew this going in to the project, but did not adequately prepare myself for the up and down nature of it all. I guess I could have streamlined my steps, but since this is my first go round at this, I wanted to make sure I was doing it all correctly.

This is The Tomato. Some would just call it a pin cushion, but it's been hanging out in Momz sewing stuff for as long as I can remember. I cannot stand EATING tomatoes in real life, but I adore this little guy.

That little thing in the back. The metal spool? That is a bobbin. We don't get along. Never have, probably never will. A lot of mediation from Momz.
So, this is a good idea of what we've got going on so far. I still need to sew on the border and the binding (say that five times fast and figure out which fabric you're using for it, ha!). Then comes the back of the quilt and let me just tell you, if heaven was a fabric, this stuff would be it. But, I'm gonna wait until we are all done to show you that. Then the hand quilting...the actual QUILTING part. I'll be sure to show you the finished product.


Allison said...

Hey let me know when your gonna hand quilt and I'll come and help. When your done with that one I have the material to make a Bug jar quilt for Elizabeth that I wanted to have ready to send off to college with her. It's beautiful by the way...kudos to you...


Jeni and James said...

That tomato pin cushion brings back a lot of memories. Some weird ones, even.

Oh, and DAD HELPED??????