Monday, December 8, 2008

A Week of Sleep

It went great. I learned a lot from preparing for and participating in the Art Show, yesterday. As tired as I am, it was motivating to have at least stuck my foot in the water of getting my photos out there.

I kept meaning to take pictures of the war zone that my room had turned in to, but really, it's for the best that the entire internet misses out on that. Then, I meant to take a picture of everything loaded in to my car, but I hadn't gotten to bed until 3 am for two nights in a row, so I was lucky to be dressed in matching clothes.

But, one of the many "just in cases" was a vase of flowers. I wasn't sure when I decided to make an arrangement that I would actually have room for them on the table. I was even less sure about transporting them to the show. But, of course, I had to get a few pictures of them:

So, I completed everything on my To Do list except for practicing my table layout. Even if I had, it would have become obsolete because of the space I utilized at the show allowed me to take advantage of some existing surfaces. Here's what my set up looked like:

I shared the room with my friend Janice, who makes beautiful kids items. She finds the most beautiful fabrics and turns them in to some of the snuggliest blankets, toys and cuddlies that I've ever seen. I want one of everything.

There were several other ladies there, selling their amazing handmade items. I bought something from both of the jewelers and if Nat didn't lose hair bows like some people lose their keys, I would have bought 29 of those cute things. Oh, and that mirror in the bottom picture? The square one with the white circles (they are actually handmade pinch pots)? I want that too.

But for now, I'll just take a week of sleep.

P.S. Big thank you to EVERYONE who came out and showed their support.

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Allegra said...

Yo from Bandon!! This is a test to see if it works--more later.I'm so glad you're following your passion.  Any directory of your photo collection???Allegra