Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Half Way There

Am I going to make it to Sunday? I'm not sure how people who make their living selling at art shows do it. I'm sure there is a sense of stability once you have established your process and have removed the details from the To Do list.

As you can see, I've checked a few things off my list. But, some of those at the bottom were added on throughout the day as I realized more that needed to be done. The biggest project today was getting the 'storyboard' done for the portrait side of my new busy-ness.

I bought some letter cut-outs from the scrap book supply section at the craft store and let me just say, I can see how scrapbooking can become addictive (hella cute stuff). Of note, the package declared that upon opening I would rececive "2 complete alphabets & an extra set of vowels". Full of hooey, those people are. I have completely lost track of what was missing (my brain is on reserve energy power) but I promise, it was confusing getting them all figured out.

Moving on! The set also came with these cute little do-dads and it was the result of a lot of self-control that I didn't cover the story board with them.

I got the story board done, bought fabric to make a table cloth (would have been too easy to just BUY ONE) and got almost all of the prints priced (except for that one I ruined, good thing I had an extra 5x7 mat!). It's only 6:10pm, I might just get to bed before midnight if I allow myself to finish the other half of the to do list by Saturday. Heh.


lori said...

I just know that all your hard work is going to pay off!!

Kirsti said...

I'm a friend of Jeni's and I have to say I love your art. Everything I've seen on your blog is beautiful. I wish I lived by you so you could take some portraits of me and my fam!